Young Couples Group’s Family Assembly: Know Your 10 Commandments

Yesterday, the whole family went to the Young Couples Group (YCG) Assembly in Christ the King. We weren’t able to go to the last two (or more?) assemblies because of school (I moved to the Saturday class, and yesterday we had no classes) and Des didn’t drive yet… so we were excited to have a free Saturday to attend 🙂 Of course, we followed the instructions and went in costume as superheroes / fairies. Bibbo family.


The hall was packed with families! I love this about YCG… and about CFC FFL in general. The community really sees families as important. And so even with so many kids running around, shouting, laughing, playing, being makulit… the assembly goes on. Worship goes on! Playing can be a form of worship too, especially from kids.

In so many places kids are always being told to keep quiet, stay in the back, are given dirty looks by strangers when they speak too loud or are cranky. Did we all forget we were kids once? Here in CFC FFL, bring your kids. Let them play. Have the family worship and grow in the Lord together. Everyone is welcome 🙂


And then the game. Would you believe the game was a mix of Monopoly and the Catechism of the Catholic Church? I love it! Extra pressure to give the right answers or else Fr. Jun and Fr. John will have me head! Of course, first trial question pa lang, mali na sagot ko. Sorry, DBCS! I refuse to post the question here. Basta, remember the order of the 10 commandments.


The kids were the game pieces. Here are the boys trying out the game board before the start of the game. Our piece was Sabine, and when she got tired of walking around, Aida replaced her.


We didn’t win. But we had lots of fun! And it was good to see that more (not less) I know my faith! 🙂 Though some of those questions were HARD! You need to review before playing this game.



And that’s what we are all about. Family, faith and fun all rolled into one. And don’t forget the other two Fs: Free Food!

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