How many Napoleses are still out there?

Jean-Napolespicture from here

The latest scandal to hit Philippine media is the Napoles one. Where she (and her family), allegedly in cahoots with numerous government officials, scammed the Philippines out of P10 BILLION of the people’s money. And then the video of her daughter’s lavish 21st birthday came out, and pictures of their porsche, numerous bags and shoes and just the Imeldific lifestyle – that should not be something to brag about.

Greed is always out of style.

It makes everyone’s blood boil, because we see all the problems of Philippine society – one of which is widespread poverty – and you put that side by side with these huge houses of politicians, their fast cars that get totaled by their wild children, bags, jewelry… and we end up thinking… what the heck are they doing to help the country? Congressmen should be in office to make the Philippines a better place. Not only Congressmen, but all government officials. They should SERVE THE PEOPLE.

And why does the LEGISLATIVE department have these funds anyway? Legislators should legislate. Make laws. Why are they earmarking money for projects? They say they need money to help their constituents… wrong. That’s why we have Mayors and Governors. They have projects and programs to help their cities and provinces. Congressmen (House Representatives and Senators) are there to represent us to make laws for the country.

They are our voice. They are not our hands.

The Catholic Bishops got it right. If we are demanding they abolish this pork barrel, then we should not ask any favors from them anymore. WALANG HIHINGI! But it is true. Once you get elected, people start coming and sending letters asking for help. Now for me, the answer is simple, just show them the right places to go to. The right agencies to approach that can help. But for a legislator, that is not your calling. Your calling is to MAKE LAWS.

I agree with one post I read recently. That if the PDAF was abolished, then we see the end of political dynasties. Because a lot of the people now in Congress will not run anymore. And that way, we can have people serve in both houses from the likes of the Senators of before, like my own grandfather Ambrosio Padilla. 🙂 People who serve because they love the country, and not because they want to enrich themselves.

Padilla campaign 1

How many politicians can claim this (I can name one, and of course, I work with him)?

The Napoles scam, in my opinion, is disgusting. And hope the hoopla doesn’t die down with the next scandal that will come along. We easily forget, and we might forget that some family allegedly stole P10 Billion from us. And are using it to party all around the world (just like that fashionista son of a General before… whom we all forgot already).

And this is just the tip of the iceberg. The whistleblower is revealing things from 2010 and earlier. But how about lately? And he is revealing things from about 20 Congressmen…. but there are 288 Congressmen. And that begs the questions…

How many more Napoleses are there?

And what are we going to do about it?

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