Next time, just GO!

I am currently watching the closing Mass of the World Youth Day in Rio. 30+ of them there are from CFC FFL. So happy for them! I would be happier if I was there too, though. On the beach on Copacabana, undergoing the heat (after days of rain and cold), getting sunburned, hungry and tired. Just more or less like what we experienced in Madrid two years ago with Pope Benedict XVI (some of my blogs about it: Food. More food. Why Fatima? In Fatima, Portugal. Crying my eyes out).

I wasn’t able to follow the whole WYD this time. I didn’t catch any of the live feeds, or watch on EWTN… all I saw were Instagram pictures of our delegates, and this morning, some YouTube videos. Things have been busy with Congress and moving in and all that.

But watching the Mass now, oh wow. I could be there. And that’s a lesson, isn’t it? JUST GO. Just as Pope Francis said in his homily:

Jesus is calling you to be a disciple with a mission. Go. Do not be afraid. Serve.

Church needs your enthusiasm, creativity and youth! Best way to evangelize the young is through another young person

Dear young people, Jesus Christ is counting on you. The Church is counting on you. The Pope is counting on you.

I am actually not going to be considered young anymore in 2 years (40 years old!), but I think these sentences are as good for me as they are for teenagers. Sometimes, our fears and insecurities get the better of us… when all we need to do is just GO. We have a mission! And we cannot be bogged down by irrational fears.

We need to think bigger, better, bolder. Why else were we given dreams if we were to just keep them in our heads? We need to make them a reality. And that’s why we were given hands, feet… our whole bodies! We need to make our dreams a reality.

And who else will make the Good News heard? Will I wait for someone else? Will I wait for you? Or will I just GO and start it on my own. I got that jolt in 1997 when I answered the call to be a missionary. And tonight, another jolt.

Thank you, Pope Francis for not being afraid. For shaking up what it means to be a servant leader. And for “getting your hands dirty” in working for us, the poor in spirit and the poorest of the poor. You inspire me to give up more for God, and to get to know Him more in the everyday people.

The next WYD will probably be in 2016. I won’t be considered young anymore, but maybe I can sneak in as a chaperone? Or maybe bring Sabine… is 9 years old too young to go to a WYD? 😉


[from the WYD page]

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