The Minority Report

It’s been a couple of days of me adjusting to this new life in Batasan. And for the official first day of Congress, we had the SONA of P-Noy. Though before that, did you know that they hold a House session? It happens in the morning, and that’s where they elect the Speaker of the house.

There were three nominees, the Speaker last Congress (and again this Congress) Belmonte and two others who battled it out for the Minority Leader position. Eventually Zamora won out over Romualdez. But it was a close match. Just three votes separated them.

We sided with the Minority 🙂 There are too many issues that we are passionate about, and will not be able to keep quiet … and so we need that freedom to speak, be heard and do things. It’s actually exciting. Now we have all the room and leeway to move mountains.

That session ended almost at 2pm. So we had to rush for the SONA which started at 4.


Of course I had to take a rushed selfie too. My feet miss my rubber shoes.



It was a fun way to start the Batasan experience. The next day was the official first working day of Congress. And we had to fill up before we actually went over to the office and the crazy chaos that would come along. Here is Team Atienza:


Our office is LIME GREEN! We got it from Palatino of Kabataan Party-list. Though God knows how he survived with an office in that color. Maybe that’s why he went a bit cuckoo and wanted to take out crucifixes from schools. Our office is being renovated. And yes, lime green is so last season. Wait for how it will look… soon.


400+ Bills were filed and read on the floor. Another 400+ were read on the floor today (second official working day). And just like our boss-man Rep. Atienza, we are ready and all-set to go!


Bring it on!


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