Love Knows No Bounds.

This just happens to be one of those nights. Aida has a viral infection that gave her red bumps on her hands and legs. But it is fading already, and hopefully she can go to school for her written encounter tomorrow. It looks, though, that Ankoi got it. He has red clusters of bumps appearing, and he is not taking it as lightly as Aida. He has been crying and irritated all night. And waking up Maria in the process. Now, after some medication, hopefully he gets to sleep longer. It is just one of those nights. They do happen. And it needs an extra dose of patience, understanding and love. And the thought that “this will not last forever. It too shall pass.” But yes, there are nights like these.

It reminds me of our Father whose patience, understanding and love also is put to the test now and then. Yet, He needs no extra dose of them, because His knows no bounds. I think about how my kids are (at their worst?) and I am not all different from them.

Sabine has this tendency to ask (when I ask her to do something): “Why always me?” Don’t we ask that all the time too? Why do I always have to go through hardship? Why always me, Lord? And I tell her that it is because I want her to do it. Even if Aida isn’t doing anything at that moment, and she is, I sometimes still ask her to do things. Because I want her to learn. And grow. And be better. And God is the same with us too. He wants us to learn and grow. And if it seems like it is ALWAYS us, then that’s awesome. Because He has this plan for us.

Aida, when hit by a mood swing, is so hardheaded. And it takes forever to talk her out of it. She makes faces, and walks with heavy steps. Just like us. When we don’t get what we want, we become hardheaded. And we make “tampo”. We stay away from the Father and His love, because we do not understand… or we refuse to understand. But, just like to Aida, I always reach out. And find ways to help her understand in her own time. And we all will understand in time. If we choose to let go of our hardheadedness and hard heartedness.

Franko is an energizer bunny. From the moment he wakes up until he knocks out at night, he is running all over the place. And because of that, he sometimes gets hurt. Like when he cut his lip open jumping from the sofa to the table. And sometimes, I need to grab him, sit him down and let him cool off. Because of all the mistakes and hurt he has caused to other people. Just like us. We need someone (our Father), to grab us by the shoulders and sit us down. Because we lose focus. And we hurt people. And maybe we are speeding along through life too fast to notice. So we need that time out. Franko doesn’t understand, and he cries his eyes out when he is in time out. But afterwards, he always gives me a hug and looks for affirmation. We, on the other hand, forget to do that with God. We do not forgive as easily. Even when it is for our own good.

Maria is our youngest. She was a few days premature. And spent a couple of weeks in the hospital due to pneumonia. She is big and healthy now, but even the slightest sniffle sends us shivers. We do not want a repeat of her hospital stay. She sometimes has her moments. When she can’t sleep. And cries and cries and cries. But what soothes her is if you stand up, hold her in your arms, rock her and sing her to sleep. And God is like that with us too. On those nights where everything is going wrong. And when tears are rolling down your face. And when it seems all is lost…. all is NOT lost. He holds us. Rocks us. And sings us to sleep. And He will keep doing that until we fall asleep. No matter how long it takes.

Thank you for my children. For all the laughter, and all the tears as well. For the happy days and sleepless nights. We wouldn’t have it any other way.


Ps. It is Sabine’s 6th birthday today. We love you Bean! You are growing up to be a beautiful, artistic and very funny lady šŸ™‚


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