Getting closer to D-Day.

Tomorrow is the day. The day I stop going to Starmall, and eventually lose my Mayorship of the place on Foursquare. Last week, on Tuesday, I left the office at about 6pm while there were still shoots ongoing for FLiQ. And I felt a tinge of sadness, maybe even pain as I walked down the stairs. It has been 16 years after all. And I know that tomorrow, everything changes.

I don’t know where this new road will take me. But I am excited, apprehensive, inspired, scared, challenged and every other emotion you can think of all rolled into one. Like the first day of school. Or the night before my wedding. Or while waiting for a child to be born. It’s like that. Ok maybe not as intense, but it comes close.

I told Des to give me these three years to “scratch this itch” called politics. And then let’s see what happens next. I know I am capable of helping the country. And I am being mentored by one of the best. We can make good laws that will help the Philippines. It’s going to be an awesome ride.

Photo on 2013-07-08 at 19.31

Pray for me again. And you are always welcome to visit Batasan (once I figure out how to get people on the guest list). Here we go! Just close my eyes and leap!



  1. Prayers for you Xavy! Will be glad to see a familiar face as you take on the likes of Lagman, Drillon, and Cayetano. You will be great!

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