Kind Words Move

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Yesterday I was surprised by a despedida at the CFC FFL Home Office. It was my last day, and the tradition is to have people say kind words.

Of course, it always feels good to hear the good that you have somehow influenced. But I always feel awkward when this happens (usually birthdays). Maybe because i know that I’ve done my share of the bad in tandem with the good?

But thank you. I’ve had my doubts and fears, but you’ve all showed me that there is nothing to fear. Using my own words to soothe me.


1. Be brave! Matapang! You are all spoken to by God. So don’t be afraid of the ideas that you have. Courage!

2. Move faster! You don’t know how long you have in a specific assignment or place. Make the most out of everyday. Even on Facebook you can do a lot more than just reading tsismis about people.

3. Speak up! You have an idea, say it! Because if you don’t, then you lose the opportunity to make a difference.

Again, thank you.





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