It’s HIGH TIME you watched these.

Even when High Time was still on the radio (check out the radio episodes on iTunes or via Podomatic), I was already a fan. When there were still 6+ of them and the show was every Monday at 9pm on the station 1530 on the AM band. When season 1 ended, we took stock of the show and decided to go YouTube. There was a change in hosts as well (the others went to other shows), and now we have Jermer, Trenzy, Mac and Teny:


And now, I am an even bigger fan! Honestly, I laugh so hard watching their episodes. Even if I watch by myself. They are just so funny and they interact really well with one another. Without sacrificing the message. And… it just works.

IMG_4649Me, invading the set.

And I can go on and on about how funny they are… but you just have to watch. Three episodes in. Here they are:

Go HIGH TIME! I am your biggest fan!

IMG_4654 Sneak peek for next week

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