Praying to the Supreme for the Supreme Court

Today I went to Ermita, Manila. I have been going from the mountains to Manila a lot these days. For BUHAY. And now for the Mass. Good thing Des is from there, so more or less I can make my way around. And not get too lost.

There was a Mass of the Holy Spirit at Senora de Guia (Our Lady of the Way) for the intention of the Supreme Court hearings on the constitutionality of the RH Law. We got to pray over the lawyers who will be presenting our case. Tito Chito Liban, one of our CFC FFL servant leaders, is one of them 🙂

IMG_4680Praying over the lawyers


The gang

After the Mass, we walked over to the Supreme Court. The Mass was at 9am, and the hearings were to start at 2. But the pro-lifers were already there having fun and praying. Because that’s how we do it: faith and fun! So we joined them too:



Why am I so adamantly against this RH Law?

Is it about the 11 women dying everyday? If you go to government hospitals you will see that they can definitely improve facilities and patient care. And also fix roads in the provinces to health facilities. And improve provincial hospitals. Encourage doctors and nurses to stay in the country. Those are all possibilities. Not handing out condoms and pills.

Is it about the mother’s right to her body? Being a mother is a gift. Not everyone gets that chance. It is about treasuring the life in your womb. And knowing that that life was made out of love, and within the sanctuary of a loving, blessed relationship. A relationship that will provide so much love and support. So is it about giving women pills to stop and terminate a pregnancy? Or is it about values formation, getting people ready for a commitment and of course, self-control. We aren’t animals. We can control our urges.

Is it about teaching our children about sex at an early age? In a classroom with different learning levels? I believe there are things that should be taught at home. By parents. We know our children and how much they can understand. And if they are ready. And we can explain things in the context of our faith, values and morals. The way it should be. Maybe what is needed are modules on teaching parents how to relate to their children. Not taking out that step and just telling the school to do it.

So many more issues. I am one with our community in praying for the lawyers and the Justices. At the end of the day, The Supreme Justice will have His way. And we may not understand it, but it will always be with a lesson and path for us.

People tell me that what I am saying is ideal. And no one is actually doing those things. All those are up in the air. They are wrong. CFC FFL has been doing it for 32 years and families and lives have been changed. We have Live Christ, Share Christ. We have Cool Catholics. The Live Pure Movement. FLiQ Media. Work with the Poor. Things are moving. And we are showing that it can be done the right way.

We aren’t just spouting words. We are walking our talk. Pray, and act, with us.

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