Shows to Watch on YouTube

Do you watch cute cats, videos, cooking shows on YouTube? TV shows, basketball and others? It’s time to check out these shows as well:


1. Family and Life Update. The NEW news show about pro-life issues. We’ve had two episodes (every Monday): one about bullies and annulments, and another about the RH law.


2. Modern Day Prophets. A group of young people speaking about the wonderful world of faith and Catholicism. One episode about the number 1 Book, and another about Faith on Fire.


3. High Time. Your online school and working barkada (group of friends). They’ve talked about the first few weeks of school and about study habits.


4. The Review. Being Catholic means you can be fashionable. You can have fun. And be cool. Watch their essentials for the rainy days. And tonight, a new episode!


5. Live Pure Tambayan. How we can learn more about chastity, love and relationships from the young. They’ve spoken about courtship. And tomorrow, about girls 🙂


Watch them all. Every weeknight at 8PM right here:

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