5 Shows UP! 55 to go.

It was a hectic week!

A few months ago we decided to do online shows. We sat down, thought up concepts and brought out our timetable. Never did I think it would be so gloriously painful and hard. But, here we are, and we got through week 1.

The first to get made was Family and Life Update. Now this was three years in the making. In the early days of FLiQ, we went to Detroit to intern with Real Catholic TV (now Church Militant TV) for 3 weeks. And we did screen tests for a daily news show. We were taught basic news researching / writing and production. We never got around to actually doing it until now. We got sponsors for equipment, and people volunteered to help us out. And it finally got done.

Second show of the week is High Time. It started last year as a weekly radio show, which we uploaded as a podcast, with livestreaming. We took a break after 23 episodes, and decided to re-start it. But with a different twist. Online and with video. We had a change of hosts because of the other shows that were being planned. And now, High Time is back with Season 2.

Third is Modern Day Prophets. Originally, a one-man show with Cocoi Javier as the Modern Day Prophet. We had 14 episodes in the original run, then 9 episodes in Europe, and 9 more during Lent. We had a lot of good responses from young people who would make their own MDP episodes. And so we got the idea to use the “s” in Prophets. Now we have 4 groups of about 6 people who will be Modern Day Prophets. A different group every week per month. That’s sharing the call to see the Truth in everyday things 🙂

The fourth, and the new show, is The Review. We LOVE to talk about everything. Movies. Clothes. Weather. New things. Pop culture. Yet when we research online, we don’t get pictures and opinions that match what we believe in. The world is in the “sex sells” mindset. But can we be cool, yet Catholic? Fashionable, yet faithful? Geeky, yet Godly? YES! And this show proves it.

And the last (but not the least, of course) is the LIVE PURE Tambayan. Last year the Live Pure Movement produced Tadhana. That short film got rave reviews. So it was not far possibility to have more shows for LP. They have gone all over the country speaking to the young, answering their questions on love, sex and relationships. Why not bring that forum online? And now, it is online. Ready with young people talking to young people. Easy to understand. Easy to relate to.

Only Family and Life Update was supposed to be pre-recorded. Unfortunately, with our internet issues, we cannot afford to have  livestreaming as of yet. We are working on that, though. Hopefully we get more equipment, better internet speeds and faster editing software (sponsor us? :-)) We want to have an initial run of 12 episodes, so 55 more! We hope to hear from you and get your comments. We want to make sure we hit the spot 🙂

Please, watch the shows we work so hard on. Here. Thank you for your support.

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