The Media Start-up That Could

I am sitting at my desk at home waiting for an upload to finish. 2 hours to go. This has been a week to remember. We are launching 5 online shows, and as of now 2 1/2 are up (one in audio form, and soon video form). Who’d a thunk we could do it?

We have a news show – Family and Life Update:


A fun barakda-oriented show – High Time:


Online catechism made cool and relevant – Modern Day Prophets:


Sex, chastity and other controversial topics – Live Pure LIVE!:


And fashion, movies, trends – The Review:


I would not have thought these possible with a team of 8 (and a LOT of help). But with God, anything is possible, right? I can definitely say: YES. Watch our shows. Comment. Interact. Learn. And know that if we can do it, so can you.


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