There you go. We are making Jesus famous.

942012_4427793391935_1794443367_nThanks Nicole for the picture! Grabbed it off Facebook.

Thousands of lights. Souls whose FAITH is ON FIRE. Today’s CFC FFL Anniversary (32 years!) was a fun day of celebrating love and laughter. Actually the past 2 days of activities have been overwhelming in terms of love, laughter and lots of memories and passion for the future (read about the 4 activities here, here, here and here).

We had the chance to invite people to watch the upcoming FLiQ Media shows during the anniversary. And, even in spite of a minor (?) glitch in video playing, it went pretty well! Here we are before the launch – hosts of Family and Life Update, Modern Day Prophets LIVE, The Review, High Time and Live Pure LIVE!


Here’s what we have in store for everyone starting this week. Join us! Watch us! Here’s the YouTube channel. I am pretty excited about what’s coming in the next few weeks. It will be worth your time. And better than watching those ridiculous videos on YouTube.

Now, while waiting for tomorrow, I am watching the video sharings from today. And if you have time to cry and a box of tissues, go watch them too. Here.

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