Finishing strong.


This is our FLiQ wall in our office. We have a small space where we fit all 8 of us. It’s nice and cozy, and of course we don’t have to scream across the room to get attention. But hey, that would be nice too!

We are celebrating the end of the 32nd year of CFC FFL and about to enter the 33rd. I always like to FINISH STRONG, and this year is no different. The team is really working hard to come up with a great shows starting Monday next week:


All you have to do is tune in every weekday at 8:00PM to join us. I’ll spoil it a bit. On Monday we have the Family and Life Update. Tuesday is the return of High Time. Wednesday is Modern Day Prophet LIVE! And we also have the Modern Day Prophet Project during the week. On Thursday is The Review. And Friday is Live Pure LIVE! Everyday is something fun, new and exciting.

It may be the end of the 32nd year and so we are FINISHING STRONG… but it is also the beginning of the 33rd year and we are STARTING STRONG 🙂 So, go to the Anniversary Activities this weekend, and then on Monday, tune in!

I can’t end this without congratulating BUHAY again for FINISHING STRONG as well during the last elections. Number 1! I am sure we will all be STARTING STRONG for the defense of life and family this coming July. MaBUHAY!


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