38 is more than a number.


I turned 38 last June 12. And I love having birthdays with social media. You really feel the love. Thank you all again for greeting me. 🙂 I re-visited my blogs from my last three birthdays. One was about my favorite things, another about things still to be done and the last one about social media. And things have changed since all those years past.

I have four wonderful kids! And a beautiful wife who has chosen to be a home-maker and entrepreneur. I was a nominee of Buhay Party List at the last elections, and we were the top vote-getter. I have FLiQ Media, which will be launching new online shows in 2 weeks. What more can I ask for? Someone greeted me and wished I get my heart’s desire. Well, I already have everything I need. Anything more than what I have now are all blessings.

Thank you for making my 38 years awesome. I am eagerly awaiting the upcoming next chapter of my (and my family’s) life.

IMG_4339My boy getting my toys


The girls in school. Ate giving advice to her younger sister.

IMG_4342Birthday dinner 🙂

IMG_4334Thank God for the help we get at home 🙂

IMG_4317 Thank you FLiQ girls 🙂

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