What the Final COMELEC Tally Numbers Mean

The final COMELEC tally is out. And Grace Poe stomped on everyone. Let’s see how the rest fared over the Senatorial election years… comparing with their relatives.


Ed in 1987: 11,288,102

Ed in 1992: 8,019,011

Ed in 2001: 10,805,177

Ed in 2007: 12,657,769

Sonny in 2013: 16,005,564

* Sonny has revitalized the Angara brand. Gaining more than 4 million over his father. He has the charisma that appeals to younger voters, and maybe even their mothers.


Butz in 1987: 12,426,432

Butz in 1992: 3,964,966

Tessie in 1998: 7,238,086

Noynoy in 2007: 14,309,349

Bam in 2013: 15,534,465

* Bam is also improving the Aquino brand. Steady rise in people going for Aquinos. Did not include Joker here, as I am not sure if he is related (near) to them.


Erap in 1987: 10,029,978

Loi in 2001: 10,524,130

Jinggoy in 2004: 11,094,120

Jinggoy in 2010: 18,925,925

JV in 2013: 13,684,736

* The Estradas seem to have been gaining followers, but with JV’s entry, the numbers dipped quite a lot. Let’s see if this will affect Jinggoy’s VP run in 2016.


Nene in 1987: 9,942,696

Nene in 1998: 10,227,765

Nene in 2004: 13,519,998

Koko in 2007: 10,987,347

Koko in 2013: 14,725,114

* Koko started with a dip in his father’s votes, but he has shown that his advocacy has gained popularity with the people. A huge increase in people who voted for him.


Gringo in 1995: 8,968,616

Gringo in 2001: 10,454,527

Gringo in 2007: 11,605,531

Gringo in 2013: 13,211,424

* Even if Gringo has always been at the bottom of the pack, his popularity is steadily increasing. Hopefully, if he still wants to continue politics after these 6 years, it will maintain.


Loren in 1998: 14,933,965

Loren in 2007: 18,501,734

Loren in 2013: 18,661,196

* Though Legarda is still at the top tier, it is surprising to see here get almost the same amount of votes as 6 years ago. She has hit a plateau, and that isn’t good for any politician. She needs a re-branding.


Rene in 1998: 13,177,584

Pia in 2004: 12,542,054

Alan in 2007: 11,787,679

Pia in 2010: 13,679,511

Alan in 2013: 17,580,813

* This is the Cayetano time. Alan punched the votes out of the park this time. Though in 2016 Pia will not be able to run, he might use this as a VP run as well. Or Maybe Pia will run for higher office. Their next steps will decide if people will continue to vote Cayetano or not.


Manny in 2001: 11,187,375

Manny in 2007: 15,338,412

Cynthia in 2013: 13,822,854

* The Villars have a solid voter’s base, especially since they have good projects and a good record. I don’t think they have anything to fear even if they stick to the Senate.


Chiz in 2007: 18,265,307

Chiz in 2013: 17,502,358

* I dip from 6 years ago. Escudero will not be able to go for higher office anymore after this. He should have taken the chance in 2010.


Sonny in 2007: 11,189,671

Sonny in 2013: 14,127,722

* Another one with rising popularity. News is news. Even if it is not to good for him. Let’s see if his rising popularity, and Magdalo’s winning, will help push him higher.

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