Worldwide Eucharistic Adoration. Awesome to be Catholic.

I just finished praying with millions of Catholics from around the world. And it feels awesome. I love being Catholic.

I was going to use this app on my iPhone (The Pope App), but the internet at home was sputtering. So, even if it was cool, I had to turn on the TV to EWTN.


I prayed with millions of Catholics from around the world. All at the same time. In the Philippines, it was at 11PM to 12MN. We know how hard it is to spend quiet time praying, imagine how doubly hard it is at this time. But we push through the sleepiness.

One faith. One Church. It is amazing to pray with the leader of the faithful. And focused on Jesus. It just takes all my worries away. It soothes the heart and mind. And pats me on the back… everything will be ok. God has a plan for us. He knows what we need. He asks our faithfulness, because He is faithful. Words and messages I need to hear.

And I am sure, it was the same for everyone. We all have our ups and downs. We all waver and shake sometimes. But it is always good to focus on Jesus. Pray with people who believe. And get filled again.

Who knows what will happen next in all of our lives? What challenges and decisions lay ahead? We do know that we have a God who wants us to be happy. And that even in the midst of suffering and pain, He is there. Leading us to a better tomorrow. WE just have to take His hand and walk with Him.


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