The Budding Entrepreneur


Des and I decided that she would be a stay at home mom after the birth of our 4th child, Maria. That was last February, and we went through a lot with the birth of our bundle of joy (Prayers to Tina and Anthony who are also going through a lot with their latest addition to the family). It has been 3 months since then, and a few days since Des has been officially “freelance”.

She has started volunteering for the Live Pure Movement (an awesome movement, if you ask me), but lately a new bug has bitten my wanna be wonder mom (check her always in progress blog which doesn’t say anything ha ha). She has been hard at work the past few weeks looking for locations, contacting people and now, it is slowly falling into place.

Yesterday, we brought the two girls to look at the location.

IMG_4119 Aida and her Aubrey Hepburn look.

IMG_4122Sabine and her selfie Instagram

We took a look around, walked around and saw how happy Des was with her new project. I always tell her that she’s the business minded one. And when she starts making her millions, I can be the stay at home dad. Cooking, bringing the kids to and from school, Facebooking (ha ha). She is really Misis Hanep Buhay.

I’ll get more into it once everything is final. We’ll invite everyone to the ribbon cutting. Keep praying for us as our lives are changing. From workaholic mom to stay at home mom, now Des is a work at home / entrepreneur mom. And I couldn’t be prouder.

After, we went over to Eastwood to get the prizes for the CFC FFL raffle draw next Friday. I’ll post pictures when all the prizes are complete. In the meantime, check out the girls eating ice cream opposite people they don’t know.

IMG_4123 IMG_4124

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