What happens to the Senators at the bottom of the list?


Cynthia Villar, JV Estrada and Gringo Honasan have finally been proclaimed Senators for 2013-2019! And they may be thinking that being in 10th-12th puts them on the bottom of the pecking order of committees, etc. But I don’t think so. It’s just a challenge to be a better Senator. What matters is they made it. Everyone will remember Grace Poe for shocking us with number 1, but hardly anyone will remember the ranking of everyone else.

But let’s look at those who ranked low, yet did a lot of good.

In 1987 Juan Ponce Enrile came in last. 24th! He even lost an election after that. In 1995 he came in 11th. And in 2004 he came in 10th. He isn’t a stellar placer. But he is the Senate President and is loved by the people.

Marcelo Fernan was 10th in 1995 yet he also became Senate President. Teofisto Guingona was 11th in 1998, and he became Vice President.  Jinggoy Estrada was 10th in 2004 before becoming 2nd in 2010. Once you get in, you stay in. At least for another term.

What matters, other than ranking, is performance. And I am sure you will all do great. Good luck!


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