Three wishes for the new Senators

The winners have been proclaimed!

640_2013_05_18_21_07_37 Honasan, Villar, Binay, Estrada, Pimentel


Angara, Cayetano, Legarda, (Brillantes), Poe, Escudero


Aquino, (Brillantes). Trillanes is out of the country (why??)

Not all together, which is weird. But all have been proclaimed. It would have been nice if they were proclaimed together as a show of unity… but hey… who knows how the COMELEC mind works.

Good luck to the 12 of you. You join an equally feisty incumbent 12: Santiago, Enrile, Cayetano (another one?), Marcos, Estrada (another one?), Drilon, Revilla, Guingona, Sotto, Osmena, Lapid and Recto. Ok maybe not all are feisty. Some are …. very quiet.

But here’s your chance to make good on the promises you made. And we hope you do.

1. Dynasty. Considering that 13 of you have relatives in elective posts and do come from dynasties, it would be interesting to see if you actually push this.. like you all said you would when you were running (oops, not all. But majority). And if you pass a simple law prohibiting immediate family members from occupying posts at the same time, then 2016 will still show a lot of available positions, and a lot of resignations in the Senate if their relatives seek higher office. But we do need this law. With almost 20 million voters choosing Grace Poe, it shows there are 20 million possible occupants of government positions who are ready to serve, and may actually do a good job.

2. FOI. There is nothing to hide right? So why is this Freedom of Information bill having such a hard time? Everyone needs to put everything in their SALN. So if you do that honestly, then you have nothing to fear from the FOI. If the USA can release confidential files after a few years because of freedom of information and access to it, why can’t we? Just be honest about your wealth. We all know you all are part of the mega-rich anyway. No need to deny it. And you are all for it.

3. And one of the most controversial issues: the Pork Barrel. I do not get why we have this in the first place. Senators and House members are there to make laws. Not to have projects like building roads and schools. They are in the LEGISLATIVE for a reason. If they wanted to build roads and schools, they should go to the EXECUTIVE. We all know this is one of the biggest sources of corruption. And it is sad that majority do not want to abolish it. Mark my words, if it is abolished, the races for the Senate and House will become so boring. No one will want to run and be part of it anymore. I mean, just to make laws? The fun and craziness will shift to the local elective posts. Abolishing this will bring back the amazing minds in the Senate. Those who really just want to serve and think of ways to help the country (not saying there aren’t any of them now, but there is a lack of them).

Come June 30, when you take your seat in the Senate, please start working on these. We would have forgotten all the black propaganda thrown around during the campaign (houses abroad, family strife, cheating and vote buying allegations, misquotes, etc), but we won’t forget your promise to help the country.

And these three major laws will help the country have the right leaders. Leaders who are there because they want to help Filipinos. Not help themselves to what is there for Filipinos.

An anti-Dynasty law will open up government service to more people. The FOI will show us who are amassing wealth in government service. And abolishing the pork barrel will make the legislative branch so “unappealing” that it will attract those who want to really help the government make LAWS.

The Philippines is moving forward already. We have been getting good reviews and our economy is picking up. Let’s hope this new batch (or re-elected batch) of legislators push us forward even more, instead of holding us back.

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  1. Kuya kamag-anak pala natin si Rizal..and so lalo ako hindi mananahimik sa isang tabi…Sana naman di tayo mahatak papunta sa disyerto ng mga Nanalo..
    Crisdel Cambel Centro Balubayan

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