Montemar, back from the ’80s!

We spent three days in Montemar and I have to admit, we had a good time šŸ™‚ When you hear Montemar, you get images of a resort in the 1980s. And I haven’t even heard of Montemar since then. I don’t even remember if I’d been there before.

Montemar is in Bagac, Bataan. From Manila, go to NLEX and then SCTEX towards Clark. Exit Dinalupihan. Go toward Balanga. Right towards Mt. Samat, and follow the zig-zag road. At the bell tower, take the left fork. And then after a few minutes, the resort gate is on the right. About 3 hours from Manila.


The resort itself is nice šŸ™‚ Not so big, so when it is packed, there are people everywhere (like on our last day). But the rooms are near the pool. And the pool has a kid portion and the deep portion. The beach is a few feet away. The beach does not have the Boracay sand, but it is ok. The only thing I didn’t like about the beach is when you enter the water there is an immediate dip. So kids have to be careful when getting in.

We stayed mostly in the pool. And the kids were knocked out every night!


Our room was nice and big, and even had a second floor loft. The split type was just facing the bed so it got pretty cold. The only place that had wifi was the reception area. They could invest in making the whole resort wifi reachable. And there was no 3G / LTE signal either. Maybe nice if you wanted to get away from Facebook and Twitter, but not so nice if you expect guests to share pictures.


The food was good too. Which is a necessity considering there isn’t anywhere else to eat! But the pizza, bistek, churros (the kids ate that every meal!) and a lot of the other choices were worth it. A bit pricey, considering they have a captured market, but good. And seriously, there is nowhere else to go. Las Casas is near (the old Spanish style houses brought in from Bacolod), but it costs P1,200 to enter there! Crazy.

I am happy the kids had a great time šŸ™‚ And so did we.


Maria had a good time sleeping. šŸ™‚ And that makes it a good vacation in her book! Thanks Montemar, hope to see you again!


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