Nancy Binay and the Lack of Philippine Social Media Influence.


Nancy Binay is proof that social media in the Philippines does not have the influence and push as in the USA.

In the USA, social media propelled Barack Obama into the presidency… twice. He always used social media like Facebook and Twitter, answer questions on Reddit, posted Instagram photos, and the like. He owned it.

In the Philippines, a different story. We saw how social media went wild with Nancy Binay. Fake blogs about her restraining order on debates and her telling people not to vote for her. Fake Twitter accounts. And just the outrage about her running and lack of sound bites.

Yet, she will win. She won’t be number one, but she will be in the top 12.

Just shows that we have a long way to go in regards to social media influence. I have been tracking the Facebook and Twitter followers of the candidates, and yes, we do see most of the top ones winning, but it does not predict their ranking.

It’s an interesting reality. Do candidates need to invest in social media? Maybe not, as Nancy Binay shows. Even Tito Sotto didn’t need to acknowledge all the things thrown at him on social media. Pinoys may be on Facebook, but as of now, it does not influence them.

In the Philippines, it matters more who shakes your hand and helps your family. More than who posts a blog about you.

As of now.

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