Stand up to Bullies.

I was never bullied as badly as the stories we hear on the news and see on the internet. There was just this one guy I was scared of when I was in 1st year High School. He was bigger than everyone else, and was intimidating. I would really go out of my way to avoid him. He would growl at people who passed in front of him. That was the extent of his bullying.

Nowadays, it is much worse. The constant attack on people is sad and disheartening. And we see that in Politics as well.

How people attack Nancy Binay is sad. I am not a major Binay fan. But the attacks on her are downright nasty. People post fake blogs, and everyone believes them and re-posts them. Even if the blog itself says it is a satire blog. I guess it is easy to objectify politicians… we forget she is also a wife and a mother. And her family has Facebook too. Very sad. She is just taking the opportunity that is given to all Filipinos. To run for public office. If you don’t like her, don’t vote for her. No need to curse her and her family. That’s being un-Filipino.

I have also seen so many posts, comments, tweets unabashedly attacking the White Vote movement. Buhay party list. My family. I can accept those from the pro-RH people. I even answer them on occasion, depending on my mood. But from people who you least expect it from? Very sad. My appeal always is to focus on our common “foe”.

Elections are tomorrow. And hopefully all the vitriol and nastiness goes away. Once you win (or lose), everything quiets down because Pinoys have a very short memory. Until the next big thing come along.

I have learned that Politics is a different place. Exciting at times, but you need nerves of steel. Nerves that will help you weather the storms that come and make decisions that will help the country. I came out with my list of 12. But I am changing one more. Now my 12 is complete. And since campaigning is not allowed today, let’s just say I am replacing #1 with #1.

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