I am for the White Vote Movement.


I am so happy that the White Vote Movement raised their endorsed candidates to 10. There were some that weren’t originally on my list, but doing more research, I know they will be good allies in defending the Filipino family.

Funny though, that we pray for their conversion and for change of heart, but when we do see them have a change of heart, we refuse to believe. I know some may have had soundbytes in the past, but things change and people change as life happens. And who are we to judge that they are acting and not being truthful. Let’s not judge, lest we be judged. And we aren’t at all perfect.

Also sad that people say that we in the White Vote Movement are mindless and afraid of Mike Velarde. That’s really laughable. We are all in it together, and we move as one. You can vote with us, or not. At the end, it’s your vote. And what we do is recommend and endorse those who we believe are our allies. Hopefully, you vote with us.

God bless us all. Let’s work together, and ensure a victory for family and for life. I am for the White Vote 10. 🙂 Solid!

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