The White Vote Movement 10.

The White Vote Movement raised the number of endorsed candidates to 10.

Now, aside from the original 6 of Villar, Trillanes, Honasan, Mitos Magsaysay, Pimentel, Estrada, they added Zubiri, Llasos, Gordon and Binay.

I already decided to vote for 8 of those 10, and already put out my reasons (Villar, Trillanes, Honasan, Mitos Magsaysay, Pimentel, Estrada, Zubiri, Llasos). And, after the Harapan debates, one of those I originally wanted to vote for did so badly that I dropped him. So the White Vote Movement endorsement of Gordon convinced me to put him in my slate (explanation will come later).

That brings my list to 9. I also said I would be voting for de los Reyes, David and Belgica. So that brings it to 12. Enough? But with the White Vote Movement endorsing Binay, I am seriously considering putting her in too. Lots of reactions to that, I am sure. But she’s pro-life, has a wonderful family, and is like our beloved icon of a housewife being thrust into politics. Worth considering.

And besides, I have seen myself be called a “fake pro-lifer” in Social Media, and that tag came from the most surprising of people and from the most unexpected of groups. Another good reason to rethink.

I trust the White Vote Movement. I know they had rigorous interviews with these 10. “They” represented 20+ Catholic organizations, and all of them had the chance to ask, clarify and comment. So I know these 10 went through a lot of scrutiny. I vote with you.

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