The Vote 2013. My Senator: JV (Ejercito) Estrada @jvejercito


Now this must be the hardest choice. He is a perennial politician. He comes from a dynasty. He has “epal” and “trapo” thrown around with his name all the time. So why choose him? Because he voted to protect the family, life and the unborn. And even if you do come from a dynasty, if you have the right causes, then you should be able to serve. It’s as simple as that for me when it comes to JV. I hope I am not wrong, and he sticks to his pro-life stance.

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My Vote 2013: Senators:

1. Samson Alcantara

2. Marwil Llasos

3. Nancy Binay

4. Cynthia Villar

5. Mitos Magsaysay

6. Gringo Honasan

7. Koko Pimentel

8. Migz Zubiri

9. Sonny Trillanes

10. Greco Belgica


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