The Vote 2013. My Senator: Greco Belgica @Greco_Belgica


People do ask why support candidates who won’t win? I say that they won’t win if you don’t vote for them. Why keep voting for the same people, then complain about the same problems? Here are people who are offering something new. Have new solutions. Insanity is doing the same thing over and over, and expecting different results. Here’s our chance to do something different. And see better results for the country.

I like his advocacy and what he stands for. I am giving Greco a chance.

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My Vote 2013: Senators:

1. Samson Alcantara

2. Marwil Llasos

3. Nancy Binay

4. Cynthia Villar

5. Mitos Magsaysay

6. Gringo Honasan

7. Koko Pimentel

8. Migz Zubiri

9. Sonny Trillanes


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