The White Vote.


The White Vote has been launched in the Philippines. It is basically a coalition of Catholic groups who will campaign (HARD) for Senatorial candidates who will help renew the family and defend life. I FULLY support this move. And CFC FFL is part of it. The launch is this Saturday at AMVEL, 6PM. I will definitely be there.

Being Catholic is not something I can turn on and off. It is who I am. It defines me. It IS me. So my belief and my politics are one and the same. I will vote according to my Catholic (and educated) conscience. There is no other way. And, it seems, a lot of other people agree and have the same thinking as I do. We are banding together to fight back, and fight hard. No more so-called Catholics who will give up what they believe in for money and power. No more “I am Catholic, I go to Mass everyday and have a devotion to Mary… yet I will pass this RH Bill that attacks the family and degrades life.” MAKES NO SENSE AT ALL. You aren’t Catholic, and you do not understand what it means to be Catholic. Best to educate yourself. And I say that with a lot of love. Because a lot of people inherit their faith, and don’t ask questions. So they do not know the meaning of the things we do and the reason behind the things we believe in.

You MUST know the meaning and the reason. You MUST. That’s the way your faith will grow. You will understand even more and your love for the Church will grow even more. Pope Francis is doing so much for this. He is serving the least and the last. And he is being a great example. But have you asked WHY? Maybe you should. Do some research. Check the Church documents and history. And you will fall in love with the reason and meaning of what he does.

Just as this White Vote. It is more than getting people elected. Find out the meaning and reason behind it. Ask questions. Get educated. Fall in love with Catholicism again and again – because it is so beautiful when you know more about it.

See you Saturday 🙂


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