Universal Studios Singapore


Yes, it was a tiring trip! Ha ha. Day 1 we arrived early after our 4AM wake up call, and took a nap before heading out to the Night Safari. The kids liked seeing the animals, but ended up looking for monkeys…. which weren’t there.

(Note: these places would have been easier and more fun if it wasn’t so humid! You are drenched in sweat the whole day. But hey, you have to come prepared for these places. So an even heavier bag with clothes and drinks didn’t help either)

The next day we went to Legoland. And on the third day, we went to Universal Studios! The girls had much more fun here. They had more choices of rides, and they knew the characters. Though the first ride, Madagascar, broke down at the end, and we had to be evacuated. It was also fun for me, because I got to ride all the rides again from the time Des and I went. Oh, to be a kid again. The humidity was still there, and we were sweating the whole day.. but when the girls tell you they had an awesome time, and they loved it, well, the heart melts away with the sweat.

At the end of each day, all three of us are so dead tired we all just fall asleep. The last day was a mini tour of Sentosa, the butterfly pavilion and their new sea aquarium (which is just like the one in Roxas Boulevard, if you ask me). And now, we are home! 🙂 Now time to rest from this vacation.



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