Legoland Malaysia

156847_2966318854136_1870384393_n (Aida and myself. Sabine was in a bad mood because she just woke up from her car nap… not carnap)

We went on a day trip to Malaysia to go to Legoland! It takes about an hour from Singapore, but mostly because of the long line at the border. I think if you take the bus you have to go down and go through immigration. But we had a car, so they have “drive through” immigration. Still, the lines were long and it took almost an hour just getting through it.

We got to Legoland and it was an overcast day with bursts of rain. But that didn’t stop the kids from enjoying. Not even the humidity. You sweat like crazy!

The rides are ok, for kids. If you are looking for crazy roller coasters that will knock you out of breath, don’t go here. Come here for the Legoland train, the view tower and other kiddie rides. It was fun, and the kids enjoyed. They aren’t really fans of Lego, so they were happy with all the rides they could get onto. I heard there was a Hello Kitty theme park nearby… maybe they would have enjoyed more there.

So, yes, take a day trip to Legoland if you have kids with you. We stayed there from 11 until about 4, and we were done by that time. The humidity didn’t help, but it was fun nonetheless.

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