The Vote 2013. My Senator: Migz Zubiri @migzzubiri


I supported Migz when he ran in 2007. Even had dinner with him and his wife Audrey. They were very sincere, and answered all our questions and even rumors that we heard about them. They won, though somewhat tarnished by the claim of cheating. It was a surprise to us all that he resigned from the Senate. Anyone would think that it was enough proof of cheating: to resign. But he just wanted to be put into position without any questions regarding the mandate. And I respect that.

I listened to his interviews, and he seems as sincere as he was in 2007. And I think that sincerity, and being hardworking will help the country. Good luck Migz!

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My Vote 2013: Senators:

1. Samson Alcantara

2. Marwil Llasos

3. Nancy Binay

4. Cynthia Villar

5. Mitos Magsaysay

6. Gringo Honasan

7. Koko Pimentel


  1. Xavy, do you know much about the Greco Belgica, Christian Seneres, Baldomero Falcone and Samson Alcantara? Trying to inform some of my friends. Thanks

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