Singapore-lah with the girls-lah!

I am now in Singapore with the two girls – Sabine and Aida. Des, Ankoi and Maria all stayed home. Ankoi, because I don’t think I can handle travelling abroad with all three of them at their ages now. And Maria because she is still too young, so Des stayed home with them. There was mush more drama behind this. Especially from Sabine, look at her eyes at 4AM:


Anyway, Franko and Maria are too young to really appreciate where we are going. We’ll just go again when they are older. We took the 8AM flight out of Manila. I was surprised that they served chicken adobo on the plane. It was yummy. Aida fell asleep while eating bread. Sabine played her iPad the whole time. My clogged ears got unclogged after a week! Praise God!

And we landed safe and sound. Checked in. Ate lunch (very disappointing buffet at the hotel we are in… Philippine buffets are much better). And now kids are taking a nap before we head out to the Night Safari. The last time I went there, I was still single and I was with the whole Padilla clan. I can hardly remember what happened.

I like the hotel in terms of the room, the view of the pool, and they have this Children’s Concierge where kids who are checked in get a teddy bear, jellybeans, ice cream, a bath robe and room slippers. Makes them feel right at home even if we are far away.

Of course my kids are already counting the days before they go home to their mom. Thank God (and Steve Jobs) for FaceTime. Makes the distance easier for all of us. Thinking of a nice place to go, just the six of us. Des, me and four kids 6-4-2-0. Any suggestions? If you got this far into the blog, let me know what you think in terms of child friendly destinations 🙂

Oh, on the plane, I saw our Buhay ad in the paper. Showed it to Sabine and she said: “Dad, you’re a star! What do you do? Sing?” Ha ha… well, not yet 😉


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