Easter is coming, right? #Easteriscoming

Today is Black Saturday. Just imagine that at the time of Jesus, what people were experiencing?

Disciples didn’t know Jesus would resurrect. Or they didn’t believe in the words He was saying and the works He was doing. They didn’t know? They didn’t believe? Or they didn’t understand? Or all three. They were with Him, and were continuously taught, yet, when Jesus died, they were lost.

They may have felt sad, scared, betrayed, even hopeless.

And at times, we feel the same way. We are stuck in Black Saturday. Sad, scared, betrayed, hopeless. We think it is the end of the road. That there is no way out. And it seems never-ending. I am sure you have had those experiences. I have had them, too.

But the difference now is: we know what happens next. We know that Easter is coming. And things will get better. And there is hope. And salvation. And it is just one light sleep away. Hold on.

Maria baptism

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