The Vote 2013. My Senator: Mitos Magsaysay @mitosmagsaysay


If I were to be a politician one day, I would like to be like Mitos Magsaysay. She knows her stands on things be heart. Just give her a microphone or a place to speak, and she can give an impromptu speech with facts, figures and stories about people who have experienced issues related to what she is talking about. She is a no-nonsense, brave and outspoken woman. Someone we should all aspire to be like. How many people do you know who can speak from the heart, yet at the same time open your eyes to the truth of things? Mitos is definitely that woman.

We need her in the Senate. Her record in Congress speaks for itself. I have listened to her speak on many an occasion, and she proves herself worthy of my vote every time. I truly think she deserves your vote as well. She will listen to you, fight for you and fight for the Filipino family. Vote for her!

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My Vote 2013: Senators:

1. Samson Alcantara

2. Marwil Llasos

3. Nancy Binay

4. Cynthia Villar

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