3 Year Old Rules


Aida, our three year old, told her brother three rules today.

1. Don’t hit people

Aida saw Ankoi and I playing sword fight, and probably saw him hit me with his sword. It’s a good lesson for all of us. Don’t hit people. Not with swords or other material things. And not with words either. Not even with looks and evil thoughts. That won’t get us anywhere, and will hurt a lot. Maybe even cause scars. And the worst scars are those that cannot be seen.

2. Say sorry

She loves saying sorry. Even sings about being sorry and saying sorry. But there is that one time when we get older that we forget how to say sorry. But that word is magical. And can heal. And can lift up. And is always humbling. We shiuld forget other things, but not that.

3. Kiss them

I am not sure I will be kissing people after this, but maybe metaphorically. Show concern! We cannot go through life only by ourselves. Everything we do impacts someone else. We are never 100% free to just decide and do things on our own. We need to be responsible for others, be concerned for their welfare and yes, kiss them (metaphorically).

We can all follow those rules as well. Wisdom from surprising places at a surprising time.


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