A Latin American. A Jesuit. The new Pope! Pope Francis!

White smoke! We have a Pope!


Habemus Papam Pope Francis!



Exciting times! Pope Francis is from Latin America (Argentina). One of the biggest areas of Catholicism. He is a Jesuit, which is actually surprising… but their original mandate is to serve the Papacy. Hope he brings them back to that and makes them toe the line 🙂

And his name! Pope Francis. Probably after St. Francis of Assisi. Who gave up everything for Christ. He is the first Pope Francis. Very exciting, indeed!

I have to say that my dad, myself and Ankoi are all Francis (Francisco). That gives us more responsibility as well, being the “tukayo” or namesake of the Pope. Self-imposed, of course.

We will continue to pray for you Pope Francis! We love you already!

[Hmmm with a Latin American Pope now, can an South East Asian Pope be far behind?]

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