The Vote 2013. My Senator: Cynthia Villar @cynthia_villar


Tito Manny Villar is actually Des and my ninong at our wedding. We chose him because we knew what he stood for as a politician: hard work, family, good values. And he did prove us right. By voting with his heart, with the best interests of the Filipino. His wife, tita Cynthia is no different. She works extremely hard.

I’ve had the honor to have worked with her on a number of occasions. And she really does work hard. She is very hands on, and she knows what is going on around her. Not like those other politicians who pretend to be involved, but have no idea what is going on with their projects. She loves the environment, she takes care of her constituents, she has lots of livelihood and entrepreneurial projects.

I don’t see how she would not make a great Senator. We need someone like her there. Someone who can empower the Pinoy to think entrepreneurially, instead of just wanting to be employees. To learn more, stretch ourselves and be better Pinoys. I know she can make that happen. She loves her family, she loves her faith and she loves the Philippines. Definitely, my vote goes to her.

For those who doubt her pro-life stand, read it from her Twitter. I don’t doubt her one bit. She is pro-life, from head to toe.

Follow her on Facebook and Twitter. And her website.

My Vote 2013: Senators:

1. Samson Alcantara

2. Marwil Llasos

3. Nancy Binay

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