Maria is back home.

IMG_3351 What are you looking at?

It is a miracle, definitely. We were having dinner with good friends on Saturday when our doctor called. And when doctors call, you think negative stuff right away. But here was something good. She told us we could take Mariahome the next day! She was supposed to stay until Friday for another round of antibiotics and hospital support, but wonder-ful indeed, God heard our prayers.

IMG_3366The girls.

Thank you, everyone. Who liked and commented on Facebook. Who tweeted and favorited tweets on Twitter. Who called, texted, visited. And those who prayed with and for us during the last 16 days of Maria’s confinement. It was a Lenten experience, but we know that with Lent, there is Easter. And Easter came early for us this time.


Again, thank you. We are truly grateful, thankful and honored to have all of you in our lives. We would not have made it through this trial without you.

[What’s with the number in the title? Just add a comma and a decimal point. And you’ll have our next source of belief that faith works wonders, LOL!]

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