Lenten Conclave? Good timing.


Conclave finally starts March 12th, Wednesday. And from past Conclaves (recent past, anyway), they will probably choose the next Pope by the third day.

On March 12th, it is the feast day of St. Fina who suffered greatly and was ostracized by her town-mates. Just like much of the Church today, with our very pro-life and pro-family views. We are being attacked left and right, and Catholics suffer in many places in the world. Also, the feast of St. Gregory the Great who was a, well, great Pope! He re-energized the Papacy and brought it to new areas.

I think those are good Saintly overseers for the beginning of the Conclave. And if, on the third day, a Pope is elected, then that is the feast day of St. Louise de Marillac who is the patron saint of Social Workers, and truly helped the poor. That is a good overseer for that day as well.

And during Lent! A time of reflection, sacrifice and suffering. There is so much beauty during this time. And relevance for the Church today. God could not have planned this any better. This is exciting for the Church.

We will have a leader forged in Lenten sacrifice, during the time of persecution and suffering, to bring the Church to be re-energized and to go all out in helping the poor.



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