14 going on 21.

It was Maria’s 14th day in the hospital yesterday. We were really hoping she would be allowed by her doctor to be discharged. But, as her x-rays showed, she still has some stuff in her left lung. Improved from two weeks ago, but still needs treatment. If she were to go home, and it got worse, the antibiotics would have to be different and it might become meningitis, etc. Suffice to say, she is still in the hospital for one more round of treatment, another 7 days.


This is definitely a difficult journey for us. The cost of the hospital stay is quite large (now PHP100k!), but more than that, it’s the physical, emotional, spiritual exhaustion of seeing your daughter in the hospital. I trust our doctor, Dr. Alma Enriquez – she is one of the best neo-natal pedias around – and I would do anything to make sure our daughter gets well.

But, 7 days is better for her. To get well. We haven’t experienced with the other three, and this shows every child is special. Especially if they decide to come out before they are due (premature). We are now trying new scheduling changes to lessen the tiredness, praying more, trusting more.

I truly thank everyone who has been praying for us. It lifts us up. It truly does. There is no other reason why we haven’t dropped to the bottom, except through the prayers of those who love and care for us and our family.

It is fitting that it is Lent. It started February 13, the day after Maria was born. And this has been our Lenten journey. Trials, difficulties, questions. Yet with trust, hope and prayer, we will reach Easter.

Again, thank you for your prayers, text messages, Facebook comments, Twitter tweets, calls, visits – they all mean so much to us.


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