I need that happy ending.

In the Philippines, we know, that when it rains, it POURS. Classes get suspended. Roads get flooded. People lose their homes. And all sorts of disasters and despair comes from pouring rain. And being Pinoy, there’s always that funny slant. People also say: “When it’s rain, it’s four.” No sense. Just funny point of view from the p and f conundrum of Filipino-English.

Well, that funny slant + the real one came true in our family. When it rains, it pours x four!

Bean was the first to get a virus. It’s going around. It gives you diarrhea and makes you vomit. She had it a few days, and is now almost better (it lasts 5 days, and to day is her 5th day). Maria was next when she was admitted for threat of pneumonia (now confirmed as mild pneumonia). She has an IV and will be in the hospital for 5 more days. Des goes to her to breastfeed every day. Wonder mom talaga. Then Aida, yesterday, got the virus of Sabine. She is on her second day. We brought both of them for a check-up today and it is confirmed as a virus. No need to panic (though at the time…).

The clincher. Today, Ankoi fell and cut his lip on the table. We brought him to the ER and he needed one stitch. Oh man. They wrapped him up like a suman and had someone hold his head while the EENT was stitching him. He was looking at me with those teary eyes and shouting. Though not understandable, I knew he was asking me to save him. He is a brave boy.



Actually there were three options. One was just to tape it (since in kids, cuts heal fast). Second was to super glue it – not recommended because we didn’t know how his skin would react. And third was one stitch. Which would stay in place. We tried the tape, but Ankoi pulled it off after ten minutes. It wouldn’t work. Now, even if he pulls of the bandage (though he doesn’t anymore, maybe because of the pain in his lip), it is stitched together. I would post how the lip looked before, and the ER procedure itself, but maybe that’s a bit too personal.

Now the three elder kids are at home. Recovering, recuperating. It has NOT been a good week.

I KNOW. It could have been worse. I KNOW. Thank God that everything is ok now. I KNOW. Faith works wonders and people around the world are praying for us. I KNOW all that. But I FEEL sad that it had to happen to my kids. I FEEL angry that I could not prevent it from happening. And I FEEL left out – where are the wonders? I have the faith. Where are the wonders?

That’s why it is good to have experienced God’s love all throughout these years. And it is good to know that this too shall pass. Because even during these days when I NEED that happy ending to be right in front of me – and it isn’t yet – I KNOW it is coming. And that calms me.

I was talking to the girls before they took their nap. They said they want to have an adventure when they are better. They want to find the magic gem that is hidden in the cave of darkness. Well, we are currently going through that cave, kids, but you are right, that magic gem is just around the corner. We’ll get there 🙂



  1. First comes faith. Keep the faith. It’s that relationship with Christ. Then comes works, that are a fruit of the faith. The wonders? They come not for yourself but for others. God works the wonders through your faith and after the works. How do you know the wonders aren’t there already? They’re shining through, right with this experience, but not for you. The wonders are for everyone outside of your family and maybe even outside the community. They’re for everyone who gets touched by what you wrote. You may not even be aware of the wonders until much later. Your kids are the wonders. Your story is the wonder. The hope you have in finding a happy ending is the wonders. But it goes way beyond you.
    Remember though: God makes happy endings. If it’s not happy, it’s not yet ending. 🙂 Xavy nice day, Xavy!

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