Be it done unto me…

Our 11-day old baby, Maria, was admitted last night at the hospital. Just a week after we checked out. She has had a cough for a few days, and her mucus had gotten thick and yellow.

So at her scheduled check-up with the neo-natal pediatrician, we were told that she had to be admitted. It was not a choice. Of course I tried to get other opinions and find another option, but at the end of the day, we admitted her.

Good thing.

Her x-ray showed mild pneumonia. Now she is in isolation in the nursery (not as scary as you are imagining it. Just a room with no other babies), and Des can go and breastfeed her and hangout there. Better there than in a room so that the nurses can really monitor her. Maria was a preemie so, she is susceptible to pneumonia, according to pedias.

It’s our fault, really. Naming her Faith Maria. It is her year (the year of Faith) and truly our faith is being tested. Our espoused “faith works wonders” is being driven to our core through this experience. And Maria… well, she did say that “be it done unto me according to your word”, right? We just have to reply with “your will be done”.

It’s hard. It’s painful. It’s irritating. It’s annoying. But, better to have her get well, in spite of all the pain and anguish we may feel as parents.

I saw a tweet yesterday saying something like: “The greatest pain is seeing the person you love in love with someone else.” RUBBISH. People who think that is the greatest pain do not have children who are in pain.

Please pray for Maria. She is just a baby. And pray for us as well, that we may really BELIEVE that FAITH WORKS WONDERS.

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