Getting into the groove of 4.


We brought home our baby last Friday, and it has been a blast here at home having all 4 kids together. Bean and Aida love doting on her and take turns carrying her. Moreso Aida who is like a little mommy – I call her mamita now. She wants to be at the baby’s side at all times. She wants to watch her, help clean her and everything that Des does. It’s adorable 🙂 Though sometimes it can get too much, and Aida gets angry if she doesn’t get to be part of the “taking care of the baby”.

Our son, who is turning two in a few months, kisses her and tries to hug her. But we have to keep an  eye out for his affection since he tends to jump on her. He tries to help out, but ends up just throwing everything everywhere. I guess the “chaos” in him is still stronger than the “order”.

We are now trying out new sleeping arrangements (yes, we do the family bed… and it’s awesome!). But we had to make some adjustments because of the baby. So Mommy and baby stay in one room while I stay with the other three in another room. At least for now. I know eventually we will all be together and I will probably be on the floor. Enjoy it while it lasts. While they still want to sleep beside us. 😉

I can’t wait to see what happens everyday. How Bean and Aida grow in maturity and in taking care of the younger ones. When Ankoi will start speaking in more-complete sentences instead of a spattering of words (no pressure, we know every kid has his / her own time). And when baby starts showing more of her personality and quirks – which I know there will be many judging from the other three.

It’s a blessed life. And I am happy to be living in it.

Think all 6 of us can fit here? I have been thinking about it ever since I saw it.IMG_3261


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