Barangay Padilla


After nine days in the hospital (more than half in the High Risk unit), we are finally home. All four kids finally together! And what a welcome. We had to restrain them from hugging and kissing Maria, because the three older ones wanted to do those at the same time!

How is it having 4 kids? Well, yes, chaotic. But fun and full of love, laughter and a lot of messy areas. Out two older ones can really take care of themselves already, and they help out as well taking care of the younger ones. The boy, well, is a boy. Rowdy, noisy, magulo, running all over the place – and entering the terrible twos. So it takes a little more patience and energy with him. And the youngest, is only a few days old. So she does what we all wish we could just do: eat, sleep and poop.

We are all just getting the dynamics of having four kids ready. Who sleeps where and beside whom? Who sits where? Just a lot of questions, reminders, complaints and comments from everyone all around. Maybe we are bringing them up too much with the “speak your mind” rule in place?

I am so happy with this Barangay. πŸ™‚ Couldn’t ask for more. My artsy eldest daughter who doesn’t walk – she dances through the house. My second daughter who is the empath, and motherly one – does not want the youngest to be out of her sight. The boy who is an energizer bunny, but loves hugging and kissing us. And baby girl…. what joy will you bring us? πŸ˜‰

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