Pope Benedict XVI resigns. A lesson for us all.

Aida to Ankoi while watching Jake and the Neverland Pirates: Don’t panic!

Same advice to the rest of the Catholic world. 😉


Des and I got to see Pope Benedict XVI when we went to the International Youth Forum at the Vatican representing the Philippines last 2010 (read about it here). And during his leadership of the Catholic faithful, he has shown his strength, strictness and soul in everything. I am shocked at his announcement of resignation, but not so sad, as humbled by his character. And knowing how to follow the Holy Spirit, even if it doesn’t seem like the rational thing to do.

And we can really all learn from this. Some initial thoughts as I am digesting this all:

1. Stay true to your calling. He always knew what he was supposed to do. And he did it (and is still doing it until the 28th). He spread the faith, built up catechism, chose his “generals” and cleaned up the place. He worked hard because he knew he had a job to do.

2. Don’t be afraid! Even if people were saying this and that about him, he continued on. Worked and worked. Even joined SOCIAL MEDIA! Just to connect with people. Hear people out, no matter what they had to say. Everyone had a voice (and an opinion), but at the end of the day, he always did the right thing – even if unpopular.

3. Know your limitations. He has the most powerful job on the planet! Even more powerful than the President of the USA. He could have kept it until he died! And, with our human nature, we would always cling to position as long as we could – even if we become unfit for it. We’d hold it until we died. But Pope Benedict, in his humility, knew it was time to give it to someone else who has more time and energy. I truly honor him for that.

It’s scary, yes. But he is showing us an example once again. An example of how we should be as Christians. Always for the betterment of other people. And to build the Kingdom of God. What an amazing man. It truly is the YEAR OF FAITH. I am so happy to be Catholic.

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