Patience, Patient.

Des is still confined after 4 days. She reached 36 weeks of pregnancy yesterday! Our OB wants her to make it to the 37th week (this Sunday), if possible. She had 3 IV bottles, and when they took down the third one to check the contractions, the contractions increased to every three minutes. So they had to put a new IV. I don’t think they’ll be taking it off anytime soon. Looks like Des needs that to relax the contractions. Even with the IV, you can see the regularity and strength of the contractions.

So still in the High Risk Unit. And Des is still on bed rest. Sure it is hard for me, but it is harder on her, on baby 4 and on the three kids at home. But we have to be patient. And we have to make sure both mother and baby are going to be ok. If I had my way, I’d get the CS done already. But I won’t have my way this time.

Good thing Lent is coming up on Wednesday. I am reminded that we have to endure. We have to sacrifice. We have to give up things for the good of others. Our lives on this earth have been lent to us. And we have to make the most of them before we offer them back – hopefully better than when we got them.

Baby Maria (Faith Maria? Maria Faith?), hold on. Your impatient dad is waiting for you. Waiting to see you. Waiting for the family to be complete (ex-utero) and waiting to start our very exciting, hectic, chaotic lives together. But in the meantime, I am learning to be patient.

Thanks to all who have visited (especially those whom I didn’t get to take a photo of… Vanie, Tinay, the Tesoros, the Oconers, tita Maribel, Marie, Bonn ate Reena). Can’t wait to get into a normal room so we can have a refrigerator and Coke.

IMG_3145Mom, Lil and Josh

The kids


Dylan and Joey


IMG_3160Dona, Khyme, Sweet and Lee-an

And someone mad on Facetime. Look at the smaller picture.IMG_3161

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  1. Hi, Des! Tita Marlyn from Botswana! Dat message about patient/patience is very right cos if u dont have dat, you’ll feel bad, irritable and will end up really really IMPATIENT! The doctors/ nurses are there plus ur loving husband, kids and family not forgetting HIM is ever around you all the time. Relax ka lang! We are all praying for you. We love you, Des!

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