BELIEVE in Surprises.

I went up to Baguio this weekend to eat strawberries.


Ha ha. Ok no I didn’t obviously. But they did taste good. Especially with cream. YUM. I went up for the CFC FFL BE.LI.EV.E. Weekend! And what a weekend in turned out to be!


Aside from the fact that I had to go alone (the wifey couldn’t make it because her OB didn’t allow it. And so the kids decided to stay with her), there were some behind-the-scenes stuff that were weighing on my mind and heart.


But, as it has been time and time again, God always surprises us. Sometimes the best outcome doesn’t come from the original plan. Father G’s talk on Faith was like we were back at Don Bosco learning. So much information and passion for the Word. The sharers in the Faith Works portion brought tears to my eyes (all the video sharings lately have been tear pullers. They just pull those tears from your eyes). So much that I had to drag my friends out for coffee and a break.


I love having awesome friends. 🙂 In a community like CFC FFL, you really find the friends you can count on, depend on and live your life with. Us, our wives, our children. All bonded together. Where else can you find that?

The last day brought FAITH WORKS WONDERS. And dad was on fire! He gave an amazing session. One of the best. And full of wisdom as usual. He really has something no one else has. The charism. The being founder. The Servant General-ism. It’s there in him. And it just oozes out of him.

IMG_2997 IMG_2999

It was definitely a weekend to remember. When the preparations are different, you know that God is going to make some miracles. That’s why the devil works overtime to create confusion. Thank God for open hearts and minds that listened to the promptings of the spirit. And not just other noises.

A special shout-out to Cocoi.


Master facilitator. Wellspring of young wisdom. Words of mature faith. Where else can you find someone like him? When I grow up, I want to be just like you. 😉


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