Les Miserables: “A story of a man turned from hating”

“A story of a man turned from hating”


Before I get into what I learned from the movie, just a few comments / questions.

1. Russel Crowe was ok. Not bad, though not stellar. He had an ok enough voice, but it lacked when it mattered. Stars and Javert’s Suicide. Those needed strong vocals. And he didn’t have it.

2. Amanda Seyfried. Please. Why? WHY? Too high pitched. Too vibrato-ey. WHY? I could do without her.

3. What’s up with Eponine’s 10 inch waist?

4. Eponine and Marius must be singers who are acting. Because their voices were great! Let me research… hold on. I was right! Samantha Banks is in Oliver! touring. And Eddie Redmayne is a West End performer. It showed. Bravo!

5. Anne Hathaway was the runaway star here. She deserves every award she is going to get. And she has attitude, too. Good job putting Ricky Lo in his place!

It’s interesting that the quote above isn’t even in the musical. It is supposed to go something like “this is the story of those who loved you” with Valjean singing to Cosette as he is about to die. Nice that they changed it for the movie (or maybe after the original cast recording?), because it definitely is more apt to talk about the whole movie.

Because Les Miserables really is about “a story of a man turned from hating”. Both Valjean and Javert. Two sides of the same coin.

Valjean being forgiven and that gave him the choice to give up hate and live his life in love. He let go of all the hate, and decided to live an upright life. Even giving up his identity on occasion because it was what was right. All the way up to the end. He turned from hating. Always choosing to turn from hating.

And on the flip side, Javert. Who had the chance to do the same as Valjean. But with a life spent hating, it was too difficult for him. Not impossible, but difficult. And when faced with the chance to live without hate, he didn’t know what to do.

I think we all have a bit of both in us. We have this chance to turn from hate everyday. Yet sometimes it is so ingrained in us, when we are faced with it, we do not know what to do! We get so used to having an enemy, that when we realize how idiotic it is to keep hating, we seem lost.

We have to be that story of a man turned from hating. We have to choose to do it EVERYDAY. No matter how hard it gets. Because if we let it control ourselves, we will not be far from Javert and his fate.

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