No place I’d rather be.

580721_10151194827046606_2051838696_nMeeting the Carmelite Sisters face to face.

One of the touching moments of the Missionary Conference wasn’t even part of the conference. As is usually the case in everything we do – the most exciting stuff are the things we never plan.

Fr. Francis set up a meeting with his cousin – a Carmelite nun – and we got to meet them face to face. And speak to them. 🙂 They told us about them, what they do, their recreation, and how they spend their days in prayer. Sacrificing sleep to pray.

And as a response, we sang “No place I’d rather be” (though I don’t think that’s the title). And there wasn’t a dry eye in the room. I don’t know why that happened. Why were we so emotional? Maybe because of the sacrifice these women make to pray for people they don’t know? Maybe for the inspiration they give us, that we too can spend more time in prayer, than play. Or maybe because we know that there still are holy people out there we can all look up to.

Whatever the case, it was a place we fell in love with. And there was no place we’d have wanted to be at that time. Thank God for surprises.

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