Apostolos: For me, to live is Christ!

23355_10151194876296606_253569715_nCall to proclaim the good news of God

Missionary Conference 2013. Bacolod. At San Pedro Bautista Church in Talisay.

We ended the Missionary Conference at a missionary-martyr Church of San Pedro Bautista. And just like him, I am a missionary. But can I be just like him – a martyr?

It has always been in my mind to say YES! But I know that it is far from happening: being in Catholic Philippines. But is that still the case today? With Catholic Philippines dwindling, there are more chances to be persecuted for the faith. And for standing up for the faith and what we believe in. And can I do it?

It is definitely a privilege to be called to this work. To this life even. But it is MORE than meetings and camps and seminars. It is living the faith we have received. Defending it to the point of persecution and suffering. And doing it all for the love of others.

I am a missionary. But I hope that I have the strength to be a martyr, if the time comes.

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